KNMI demonstrated 3D weather data visualization with Weather3DeXplorer at the EUMETSAT 2014 conference.

Geneve, Switzerland, 22-26 September 2014

3D Exploration of Weather Data in Combination with IASI L2 Products
for Better Understanding of Potential Applications

Authors: Michal Koutek, S. de Haan, I. van der Neut, F. Debie, P. de Valk (KNMI), S. Tjemkes (EUMETSAT)

Presentation slides:



video1_ECMWF-IASI-small.avi (19MB)
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At the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) the Weather3DeXplorer (W3DX) is developed, a visualization framework for interactive exploration of meteorological and atmospheric data.
W3DX is designed to process and interactively visualize Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model data and observational data, i.e. satellite images, precipitation radar, ground measurements.
EUMETSAT works on various aspects of the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) satellite, including the Infra Red Sounding (IRS) instrumentation.
In that framework the existing Metop-A/B satellites with the IASI instrumentation are used to develop new data retrieval algorithms. EUMETSAT has provided KNMI with a number of IASI L2 datasets which contain 3D profiles of relevant atmospheric properties. Under different weather conditions by means of interactive 3D visualization we compare two NWP models, ECMWF and Harmonie, with the IASI 3D profile datasets.
We combine the visualization also with the MeteoSat images. In this way we can intuitively study one of the conditions of the used retrieval algorithms; the cloud-free data points.
Especially interesting are the points where the convection will happen. By comparison of NWP models and observations we can get a good impression of the state of the atmosphere.
Since the IASI L2 data retrieval algorithms use ECMWF model we can visually explore the added value and the quality of the IASI products.
The exploration is interactively performed in the 3D space in the context of the weather phenomena. The approach is intuitive. Visualization sessions with the W3DX framework can assist during improvement of the IASI retrieval algorithms and possibly later support the training in using of IASI L2 products in potential applications such as data assimilation in NWP models or now-casting. Our presentation will be accompanied by a 3D demonstration.

More about IASI and 3D visualisation of IASI-L2 profile data.

Photos from 3D demostrations and presentations:

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