EMS-ECAM 2011: Exploration of Severe Weather Events in Virtual Reality

A team from KNMI (The Royal Netherlands Meteorologic Institute) has successfully presented on EMS & ECAM 2011 their approach for interactive exploration and 3D visualisation of numerical weather model data.

The EMS conference and ECAM workshop participants were joining the 3D-demo sessions (30~45 minutes) during the whole week. We have estimated that about 250 participants followed this presentations.

The attendees we wearing 3D (polarized) glasses which provided the effect of Virtual Reality. In an impressive 3D weather show they could see "virtual" clouds and other 3D weather features "floating" in the room in front of their eyes.

KNMI prepared a number of interesting severe weather situations. Quite remarkable was to see the data producted by HARMONIE model, with high resolution and much better physics, in comparison to HIRLAM, an conventional hydrostatic model.

Visualisation in Virtual Reality is overwhelming, providing scientists and forecasters with new means to gain better understanding of the numerical weather prediction models. A number of interesting discussions took place. The team of KNMI received many compliments for their work and presentation.

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